Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Joy of Small Things

This is something that happened to me almost a month back but the incident is still so vivid in my memory that it acts as a tonic to my soul when it is not in it's best spirits. I parked my car and headed towards a doctor's house. Before I finished crossing the breadth of the small front lawn, something (turned out to be someone) hurtled towards me and gave me a squeezing hug. I wanted to look at him and I bent down (his head did not even reach up to my waist) . Before I could take in his bright smile fully, he gave me a kiss on each of my cheeks! I tried to hold on to him because I badly wanted to kiss him back but he was already running away from me. This three year old kid was running round and round the garden and each time he passed me, he would make it a point to kiss my cheek or forehead or my fingers( I was seated on a swing) and not once did he let me hold him and return the favor. I just could not get enough of him and was really disappointed when his mother came out and took him away. I went after them (leaving my doc waiting) for one last kiss, and he obliged.
I felt a little sad that I would probably never see him again( for I heard that he lives in Alaska) but am extremely happy about the memory that was created in five minutes. People come and go in our lives, and every person leaves an imprint on us however light it may be. I wish Sammy all the happiness in his life and I hope he lights up the lives of all people who are fortunate to meet him.