Friday, February 27, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut

Ram Sena- are they hypocrites or simply misguided fanatics? All their recent 'moral' policing has evoked a lot of outrage and indignation but in the midst of it all, I find that the crucial point is all parties. The whole 'Pink Chaddi' campaign reminds me of the hindi movie ' Asthithva' of which I whole heartedly disapproved.
The movie disgusted me because of the moral it was trying to preach and the justifications given by Tabu for her perfidy and the expected sympathies from the audience towards her. I could see a whole bunch of other reasons to feel sorry for her but not the one point which formed the crux of the movie. Her extra-marital one-night stand was preached to the world as a pardonable offense. The reason? Simply that a man is pardoned for the same indulgence. The point the movie failed to make was that the act itself is unacceptable irrespective of whether a man or a woman performs it. One cannot justify the morality behind any offense stating that someone else is being allowed to perform it.
Ram Sena as well as the ' Pink Chaddi' supporters are in my opinion manifestations of the same hypocricy and badly reasoned arguments. What is Ram Sena actually opposing? Drinking itself or just women drinking? The later is obviously a hypocritic cause while if it is the former I would still find them objectionable. My reservations are against their methods no matter what their beliefs are. Let them make speeches or print booklets or host TV shows to reach to people. I doubt if modern men and women will be swayed by any of this but what have the Ram Sena achieved anyway? They may have provoked fear but not reformation. As for my objection towards the 'Pink Chaddi' brigade...well, I have already explained why I found Tabu's arguments inappropriate. Each of those women who said their cause was 'women liberation' or 'equality of men and women' could have donated 20 or 30 Rs or the cost of a pink chaddi towards the education of a poor village girl than indulge in this immature and pointless response.


Sur said...

I like the Pink chaddi campaign, for the way it has mobilized and generated such a following online and otherwise in such a short time. The exercise maybe pointless, and kiddish as u say, but then mass movements have to use tactics like this to get a following. i really like the cheek of this people to start a campaign which is tongue and cheek, mostly online, peaceful as far as i know and has been a great success.

lakshmi said...

If you agree it to be pointless, how do you call it a success? what is the measure of success? What are pink chaddi campaigners trying to defend? And have they been successful? Will Ram Sena or other extremist groups care about this? Extremists are not people like us who can be deterred from something because of shame.
I know the pink chaddi got a huge following, thats why I am appalled and thats why I have written this blog. 100's of organizations are trying to raise support for honorable causes and women of India find this more worthwhile than all of the rest!!!