Saturday, December 26, 2009

Three Idiots- No Spoilers

Its entertaining, emotional, outrageous, heart warming, no skimpily clothed heroines and no sexual vulgarity. Above all, it brings a sense of hope and euphoria.
After a long time (Taare Zameen Par), I would actually like watching a Hindi movie a second time, albeit they are not in the same league. The movie had an almost perfect script, with the right blend of comedy and emotions and an interesting combination of both. Of course to laugh amidst tears is one of the underlying messages of the movie.
For three hours I could completely forget my worries and grudges and if I am called an idiot for needing 3 more idiots from Tinseltown to feel this way, I dont care. It was worth it. It was NOT a "5 Point Someone " movie barring occasional similarities. The subtle mockery of Indian education system could have probably been less subtle. I doubt the issue of suicides among students in the movie will drive home the point in a way that the message on dyslexia in TZP did.
But, in the end, it is definitely worth at least one watch and, even if you don't agree, All is Well ! ;)

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Priyank said...

The most distinctive feature of the movie is the fact that despite an underlying current of sadness in the lives of all three idiots, all manage to live happily for a major part of their lives, while they could easily have managed to be gloomy about their lives. All because of the attitude to take things as they come, and live for the day. Or, to quote chetan bhagat again, by being sincere, not serious…