Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lunch Time Muse on the News

HC dismisses PIL against Shiv Sena, Thackerays over 'MNIK':
"The court also remarked, during the argument, that "majority of people are following them (Shiv Sena). What can be done?""

The court is here to please the majority rather than render justice, is it? The weights are definitely no longer balanced...

No entertainment tax on IPL this year, says Chavan:

""It is not possible to levy tax on IPL since the season is over," Chavan told reporters in Mumbai.
To a question on whether the IPL season 4 will be taxed, he said the cabinet will take a decision on the issue."
The Comptroller and Auditor General of India in its latest report has said that the state government lost Rs 4.99 crore by not levying entertainment duty on IPL's first season where ten matches were held in Mumbai.

Wonder what was Chavan's cut?

Lalu wants Rs 1 lakh pension for MPs:

"According to parliament officials, MPs now draw a salary of Rs 16,000 and their pension is Rs 8,000. However, a MP draws a considerable amount in the form of allowances.
Referring to the salary being drawn by the civil services officers after the implementation of Sixth Pay Commission, Lalu Prasad said: "MPs' salary should be increased to Rs 80,000 and pension to Rs 1 lakh. I'm making this demand because many MPs will lose their job once the women's reservation bill is passed.""

Do even highly educated personnel who have actually contributed to the country's economy and who have never indulged in corruption, disruption of peace get paid that much? And what about all the money made that does not appear on the pay sheet?

Did Madhuri Gupta, diplomat-spy, convert to Islam?:

Come on media...Really now, is this even relevant?


Priyank said...

In my opinion I dismiss the first two as a reminder of smallness of vision of the decision makers. We all know that PILs are hardly given the interest they deserve, except maybe in RTI cases and in Supreme Court. And there seems to be no reason why IPL cannot be taxed just because the tournament is over. Last heard, tax liability could be exercised till the end of Financial year.

What generates more interest in my mind is the news about Laloo agreeing that all the MPs are actually good-for nothing, and cannot earn their worth of bread and butter if they are not placed in seats of powers by callous votes.

About Madhuri, I am sure this featured on the same TV news spectrum where they show aliens eating chips, giant humanoid footsteps in snow and taantriks predicting future of humankind. Totally undeserving of any attention whatsoever.

Lakshmipriya said...

Aliens eating chips! Well that at least can take credit for imagination:)