Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The constant in a Changing Equation

I search hungrily for every single news item I can find in every newspaper I can think of. The contents are all the same, the adulations similar, and yet each one only heightens a vague sense of euphoria.
The media does after all give us little to rejoice for these days. They revel in bad news, blow up bad news to make them terrible news, splatter papers with scandals, and in the midst of all this, wafts a familiar breath of ever-fresh air.
I am not by any means undermining our CWG victories or the rare Olympic medal, but after all, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has been the one constant in a country that has undergone unstoppable transformation in 21 years, and in a game that sees constant change. I have never known cricket without him and do not want to think of it without him. The sight of this man at the crease keeps the flame of hope alive. The knowledge that while he remains standing, not all is still lost… admiration and love for the man whose game remains as fresh and youthful as it ever did, are but few reasons why he is special to very cricket lover.
He is a source of inspiration not simply because of the way he plays the game, but the reason he plays so well, and the manner in which he has lived his life.
Immeasurable success, admiration and wealth seem not to be enough to make him arrogant or indifferent. Hearing him talk, it seems this is true because none of these coveted pleasures mean as much to him as his love for the game and his ever growing desire for improvement. This level of passion is by no means easy to attain. When one has played the game every day for 35 years, has been over-worked for over 20 years, has sustained repeated injuries to the body, has borne harsh unfair criticism in-spite of having given nothing but his best, and has borne valiantly the hopes and expectations of a billion people every time he has walked to the crease…here is a true warrior, still undamaged in spirit.
A champion of the game, a champion of the people, a good hearted honest and straight forward man…how can one not respect this young man?


Romeo Das said...

Sachin Tendulkar is the God of cricket! Have seen many cricketers rise and fall, but Sachin is one who has always maintained a consistency!

Loved your post as much as the person you have talked about! :)

Hope you would like my post too!
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Priyank said...

Harbhajan scores well when he plays with Sachin's Bat. Zaheer's Ball swings more when Sachin is on Mid-on. Youngsters attribute their initial success to the fact that Sachin was there in the partnership.

These are just some of the things that Sachin has given to Indian cricket merely by his presence. Somethings that will never be captured by any statistics, except if someone records all the things said about GOD.

I think they should reserve the 'people's choice' awards for him only :)