Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mockery of Politics

Does the word politics sound negative, unwholesome and give you vibes of something shameful? Why have we degraded a noble institution into lower-worldly mechanism? Every new day is a testimony to how our laws and policies are completely purposeless and lack any coherent vision. The latest finesse of our government is to invite Sachin Tendulkar to be a member of our parliament's upper house.
Firstly, this is nothing against Sachin. He is only the latest of the celebrities to be offered this dummy post. He comes behind an illustrious line of the Bachans, Lata Mangeshkar,etc. It is almost as if the government has decided that the people have already reconciled to the fact that we are not even allowed to dream of a politician doing something good for the nation. So we may as well have some well known and well loved names as members of the Parliament instead of only rogues and crooks.
Welll, guess what? There are some of us who would like to believe that there are worthy people out there who want to do good, and are not being given the chance due to "politics". If indeed, these illustrious men and women are expected to use their stature among the common men to do good, they should have offered this post to him after he retired, and not when he is traveling out of the country 250 days in a year. That proclaims that they do not expect him to do anything special for the country. Which is why, my respect for this man has dimmed. He took this post as an obviously honorary post, and has joined hands in this mockery. He has plenty of time ahead of him, and he should have only accepted the position when he was in a position to do justice to it.

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